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"Yani influences our beheavioral redirections throughout the day in a positive way. When students earn table points at their tables throughout the day, they are earning them because they are showing the prepared, attentive, thoughtful, or hardworking attitudes just like Yani!"

- Ms. Macolino

"The Yani Program has gone well in my classroom. Scholars are excited to be prepared and is a great program!" - Mr. McCormick 

The Adventures of Yani Program is a year-long, early childhood character education curriculum designed to give students the tools to be successful socially and emotionally in the classroom, increase self-efficacy and improve attitudes towards school. Yani serves as a constant reminder of social consciousness and an example of how to appropriately cope with the world around us in a productive and positive way, using character driven ideals as strategies to overcome obstacles, all in service of increasing academic achievement. The Yani program has been piloted at multiple schools arcoss the east coast with very positive results!



 Yani learns how to be Prepared at home, at school and in her community. 


​Yani learns how to be Attentive at home, at school and in her community. 


Yani learns how to be Thoughtful at home, at school and in her community. 


Yani learns how to be Hardworking at home, at school and in her community


​Yani learns how to regulate her emotions.


​Yani learns what it means to be a good friend.

More Yani Coming Soon!

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